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Meredith Machinery is proud to now offer Correa Machinery!

correa machinery

Correa Axia

Meredith Machinery is proud to be a distinguished distributor of Correa, a global frontrunner in the engineering and production of high-precision milling machines. Founded in 1947, Correa has been at the forefront of the machine tool industry, delivering innovation, precision, and durability.

Correa’s product line encompasses a wide array of milling solutions, including bed-type, bridge-type, gantry-type machines, and universal milling machines. These are designed to cater to the manufacturing needs of industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and more. Renowned for their sturdy construction, precise machining capabilities, and cutting-edge technology, Correa machines offer features like sophisticated CNC control systems, automated tool changers, and advanced cooling systems to ensure peak performance and accuracy.

Explore the Correa difference and how it can elevate your production. Reach out to Meredith Machinery today for more information on our product offerings and to discuss how we can support your manufacturing objectives.