We are now the exclusive distributor in Indiana of TORNOS – a pioneer in Swiss Machining!

Switzerland is more than just watches, chocolate and cheese…they also sell the highest quality machines. Headquartered in the Jura region of Switzerland, Tornos, a Swiss machine manufacturer, is a pioneer of Sliding Headstock Technology.

Tornos primarily manufactures CNC Swiss-style lathes, CAM or Numerically controlled multispindle machines and machining centers for complex workpieces requiring high-precision machining. Learn More About Tornos


TORNOS Swiss GT 26

Modular & Ergonomic at a low price

  • Maximum diameter: 25.4 mm
  • Linear axes: 6
  • C axes: 2
  • B axis: option
  • Operation with or without guide bush
  • Maximum number of tools: 40
  • Maximum number of rotating tools: 14

Highly efficient production of even the most complex parts, thanks to unique B-axis technology, is a hallmark of Tornos’ Swiss GT family of automatic turning machines.Versatility, high performance in value-added operations, and ability to work with or without a guide bush make the Swiss GT 26 and Swiss GT 13 comprehensive bar turning solutions. Read More About Swiss GT



Powerful, robust bar turning machine

  • Maximum diameter: 20
  • Linear axes: 5
  • Highly rigid and stable cast iron frame
  • Modular tooling system
  • Powerful spindles and drives
  • Quick, easy configuration
  • Intuitive
  • ISO programming


TORNOS Swiss Nano

The micro and nano precision specialist

  • Maximum diameter: 4 mm
  • Linear axes: 6
  • Highest precision on the market
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Horological standard precision
  • Fixed/rotating guide bush or without
  • Minimal Footprint: 1.1 front and .65 width


You can access the Tornos website at to learn more, or contact us with the information provided below.



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