Meredith Machinery strives to be the most capable and helpful machine tool distributor in the region. With offices in both Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN, we are the area’s only full line machine Tool Distributor. We are unique in several ways. In addition to machine Tools Sales, we offer High Quality Service, Engineering and Automation.

We have many brands of machines to choose from. This allows us to offer the best machine for our customer’s particular need. This broad offering also increases the likelihood that we will have a particular type of machine that our customer may be looking for. We sell Standard Machines, CNC Chip Cutting Machines, Grinding Machines (both manual and CNC), EDM Machines, Swiss Machines, and Robots. Our business strategy is to have a product for virtually every metal cutting need. In many cases we have multiple choices, and in those cases, we need to learn more about our customer’s business to allow us to recommend the best product for their particular application. We have products for General Machine Shops, Tool and Die, Mold Shops, Production shops, Medical, Automotive, Aircraft, and Pattern making. Almost every type of firm that cuts metal to manufacture their products.

Our people is an attribute that differentiates Meredith Machinery from other machine providers. Many distributors only provide sales and some level of service. Many of our competitors outsource some of their services. This makes it difficult to provide the highest quality (adequate) after sales support.

Another unique aspect of Meredith Machinery is the depth of our technical support. We have many Service Technicians and Engineers with many different types of skills. This gives us the capability to resolve just about any machine problem that may arise. Mechanical Alignments, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Controls, and Preventative Maintenance all can be handled by our expert staff.

Our Engineering is second to none. If necessary, we can modify a machine to make it more suitable for a particular purpose. This level of skill is usually only found at the machine builders level. We have an Engineering Division within each of our offices. Our applications engineers can assist in many ways. They can simply help you select the best machine for an application from our extensive offering, or they can estimate cycle time required to produce a particular part. They can also suggest different ways to manufacture a particular component. Our engineers can also provide training assistance or provide a quotation for a total Turn-Key manufacturing system.

If you are considering automating a machining process, Meredith Machinery is the place to go. We have an Automation Division that can provide Robots, we can also tool them up to provide machine tending, assembly, and part checking or marking work. Because we are a machine tool distributor, our integrations are second to none.

Our service is backed by our in-house parts department. The parts department provides quick sourcing of spare parts for our customers as well as our service engineers in the field.

Even if you are only looking for a stand alone machine, all these capabilities provide assurance that your machine will be kept running no matter what. Satisfying our customer’s needs is very important to us at Meredith Machinery.